Cornwall Wildlife Trust - And Us

Cornwall is special and people come to Cornwall for all sorts of reasons, but there’s one major attraction that draws more visitors than any other... Cornwall’s unspoilt natural environment.

As more and more of us choose to live and holiday here we place increasing pressure on the very things that attracted us in the first place including the natural environment and its wildlife. Consequently, we have joined and support Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

About Cornwall Wildlife Trust and their fantastic work...

  • They are a registered charity, founded in 1962, and fulfill a unique role in the conservation of the countryside and in our seas.
  • They care for 55 nature reserves throughout the whole county and, outside of the reserves, work hard with other environmental organisations and local authorities to encourage best practice for the environment.
  • They are involved in the many aspects of conserving the county’s wildlife and wild places and seek to maintain and enhance important habitats that support many rare and endangered species.
  • They raise awareness of the importance of wildlife through involvement and information.
  • They organise a wide range of events open to all and run educational activities for schools and youth organizations.
  • They run Fox Club, the junior branch of the Trust, for children who are just wild about wildlife.
  • They support many wildlife and voluntary specialists working on a variety of projects.
  • They believe that involving people is essential to the future of nature conservation in Cornwall.

For more information please click here to visit the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website.

Visitor Gifting Scheme for Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Many of you are visiting Cornwall for its amazing environment, wildlife and natural beauty. We can only look after Cornwall and keep it beautiful with the help of a number of organisations.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is dedicated solely to the protection of wildlife and habitats across the whole of Cornwall, both on land and in our seas.

We would like to help you help them to continue their good work.

We have set up a voluntary visitor gifting scheme so that you can support them whilst enjoying your stay in this breathtaking county.

When you book your cottage with us please consider donating just £2 on your booking form. This will go directly to Cornwall Wildlife Trust to help them continue their fantastic work. It’s an opt out scheme which means we will collect the money unless you ask us not to.

Our Visitor Gifting Scheme has been running since November 2008, and through the generosity of our guests has raised £1989 for Cornwall Wildlife Trust in just over six years - we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all those who have contributed.

Receiving Our Business Member's Certificate from Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Receiving our Business Member's Certificate

Where the donations have been used...

Money kindly donated to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust through our visitor gifting scheme has been put towards wildlife education and important wildlife projects:

  • The Trust runs an annual wildlife education session at a local Primary School. The shoreline survey carried out on a local beach is great way to enable children to have a better understanding and appreciation of the rich biodiversity of wildlife. It’s a safe, hands on, and an enjoyable wildlife learning and experience for the children.
  • Wetland conservation.
  • Farmland birds conservation.
  • Creating habitat for greater horseshoe bats.
  • Enhancing and protecting heathland nature reserves. Cornwall is home to 2% of the entire world’s lowland heathland.
  • Enhancing and protecting woodland nature reserves and semi-natural grassland meadows including Sylvia’s meadow, the richest orchid meadow in Cornwall, which supports seven species of orchid.

So, education of the young in an appreciation of wildlife and assisting high priority wildlife projects, great result! Thank you. Please visit the Cornwall Wildlife Trust website for further information and for details of how you could support their important work, if you wish to do so.

Thank you!

Supporting Cornwall Wildlife Trust
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