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Cornwall is a special place: truly amazing coast, beautiful landscapes, diverse in wildlife, rich in flora and fauna, and with a unique culture...


At Higher Menadew, we care about the environment and long-term sustainability. We believe that it is important to act responsibly to preserve and maintain both the global and more immediate environment so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Preserving our beautiful environment in Cornwall while, at the same time, running a business that encourages and welcomes visitors is a challenge and a responsibility.

Being aware of the effects of our actions on the environment enables us all, both here at Higher Menadew and you as our visitors, to minimise the “footprint” we make. Taking small steps and continually questioning the way we do things will produce positive results.

Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST)

Recognising that solutions are best found collectively we are members of the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project (CoaST).

CoaST has been working for some time with tourism businesses in Cornwall to help make tourism as sustainable as possible - benefiting the environment, the economy and the people.

Previously, we have been members of the Green Tourism Scheme for ten years from 2008. The GTBS promotes sustainable tourism and we graded as Gold Award against a rigorous set of environmental and sustainable criteria. At Higher Menadew our commitment to sustainability remains as strong as ever and we continue to work at reducing our environmental impact.

What We Do

As a family run business we care about our environment and long-term sustainability and aim to make Higher Menadew as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not contain phosphate.
  • We ask our guests to help us by recycling newspapers, magazines, glass, cans, plastic bottles and cardboard using the green wheelie bins provided. We also recycle or reuse many other items including printer cartridges, electronic equipment, linen and furniture.
  • We have Green Johannas for use by our guests that “digest” all food waste both cooked and uncooked: this further reduces our waste going to landfill.
  • Water butts harvest rainwater for use in the gardens.
  • We use recycled paper in the office and for toilet rolls; and, our refuse bags are made from recycled plastic.
  • All our cottages have efficient, instant heat, combi boilers; radiators fitted with thermostats; double-glazing; and, low flush cisterns.
  • Our swimming pool water is primarily heated by saving heat from the dehumidification process using a heat recovery system. The water in the pool is treated using Ultra Violet which is environmentally friendly as it reduces our use of chlorine; and makes the swimming experience better!
  • Low energy lighting has been installed wherever possible and the games room also has movement sensors controlling the lighting.
  • When purchasing we try to buy local. We have linked up with so that guests can have some of the best local produce delivered directly to their cottage.
  • We now monitor our energy and water consumption and have installed a PV system to generate part of our electricity requirement.

Our information files in the cottages and our website Out & About section have loads of local information on what to do, where to go and where to eat close to Higher Menadew. Realistically, we cannot completely eliminate the need to travel by car for most of our guests but there are lots of ideas for “more or less” car free days and details of trains, ferries and other public transport.

We are committed to continually improve our environmental efforts while at the same time as maintaining a high quality, countryside cottage holiday.


As farmers the countryside and wildlife are very important to us; it is part of what we are. Ancient, traditional hedgerows that are rich in biodiversity enclose our fields and we have several acres that are part of one of Cornwall’s County Wildlife Sites.

At Higher Menadew we try to look after the natural environment. We have an environmental stewardship scheme in place on our farm which uses low inputs and allows hedgerows to (over) grow encouraging wildlife. We are always looking at ways of doing things better, for example, in 2005 we reinstated our meadow and we know that Barn Owls are now frequenting this area and other wildlife has returned.

In addition, to help preserve the fantastic scenery and wildlife of Cornwall we support, and are members of, Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Click here for more information on the fantastic work of Cornwall Wildlife Trust and how we do our bit to help them.

How You Can Help Us

We hope that you will feel that you can help make Higher Menadew environmentally friendly.

5 small steps that have a big impact are:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Say no to packaging you don’t need. At Higher Menadew we work hard to recycle all we can and you can help us by using the recycling system that we have in place.
  • Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local, See Local. Buy food, souvenirs and gifts from local producers and artists. This also helps the local economy. Cornish food produce is deservedly getting a great reputation so seek out farm shops, get local produce delivered to Higher Menadew and try some quality pubs, restaurants and local food retailers in our area – please see our Eating Out and Local Food section of our website.
  • Reduce traffic: walk, cycle or use public transport. Walking, cycling and riding are great ways of seeing Cornwall without adding to traffic. Let the train take the strain and take a journey on one of Cornwall’s branch lines. Try exploring close to Higher Menadew, there are some fantastic places right on your doorstep. Please see our Out and About section.
  • Chill out – switch off! You can see the stars at night in Cornwall! Help us reduce light pollution and energy use by switching off lights and all those standby buttons when you don’t need them. Help us reduce water consumption by using just the water you need e.g. please don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth. At Higher Menadew we use water butts for the gardens.
  • Follow the Countryside Code. The countryside code reminds us all to protect, respect and enjoy: look after plants and animals; take litter away; leave gates and property as you found them; and consider other people and users when in the countryside.

We welcome any feedback on how we can improve and be even more sustainable.

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